Peckham and Nunhead Characterisation

Client: London Borough of Southwark

Tibbalds was appointed by LB Southwark to undertake a character appraisal for the Peckham and Nunhead Area in South London. The study forms part of the evidence base for the emerging Peckham and Nunhead Area Action Plan.

The study area is very diverse and the characterisation provides the basis for formulating different types of policy to suit each type of character area. The AAP identifies a number of development opportunities, some large in size. The character appraisal acknowledges the potential for change in these areas and identifies townscape opportunities, setting out a clear basis for decision-making processes.

The study includes:

  • site and area appraisal;
  • character mapping;
  • definition of relative sensitivity of different parts of the area;
  • planning and historical research, including identification of non-designated heritage assets;
  • consultation; and
  • setting principles for character management.