1,000 home masterplan and Design Code, Crowthorne

January 5, 2017

Tibbalds are very excited to be working with Legal & General Homes (Communities). We have been appointed to take forward the masterplanning of a 1,000 home development, located at a Former Transport Research Lab in Crowthorne, near Bracknell.

We are currently refining the existing masterplan and preparing a Design Code. The sites’ history is a major influence in defining the character, shape and look of this development.

The Design Code will bridge the gap between the Outline Planning consent and the Reserved Matters Application. It is based on a specific vision and will set the design principles and requirements for this development and inform the work of architects, engineers and developers.

Design Codes are an important tool for delivery, but can be overlooked during the development process by those who haven’t used them or seen their benefit before. They can streamline the planning and development process ensuring all parties know what is expected of them and have agreed to follow the Codes’ guidelines.

Producing a Design Code is complex and challenging, as many different aspects relating to the design and construction of infrastructure, streets, spaces and buildings need to be taken into consideration. Tibbalds are working closely with the established consultant team and the Local Planning Authority to ensure the Code is not only based on good placemaking principles, but also on the technical and commercial requirements of building a large new settlement, such as highway requirements, waste, utilities and phasing.

We are looking forward to working collaboratively with all parties, including the local community, on this project.