Tibbalds appointed to lead preparation of North Yorkshire Strategic Spatial Framework

August 11, 2019

Tibbalds have been appointed to lead a multidisciplinary team, including SQW, ITP and tga to prepare long-term spatial frameworks for North Yorkshire’s Strategic Development Zones.

We are working jointly North Yorkshire County Council and local authorities within the area, including Craven District Council, City of York, Harrogate Borough Council, Hambleton District Council and East Riding. We are working with these local authorities to better understand the potential for positive change, sustainable living and working, economic drivers and opportunities, transport implications of future growth.

The project will look forward to 2050 and provides an exciting opportunity to establish strategic objectives and a high-level spatial strategy that will enable future decisions to lead towards a more sustainable future.

We hope this project will put in place a strategy that enables a positive shift towards sustainable transport and assist climate change reduction, while building on the character of place.