Jennifer Ross to chair New london Architecture’s Expert Panel for Transport & Infrastructure 2020

August 19, 2020

We are delighted to announce Jennifer Ross will be chairing the @nlalondon Expert Panel for Transport & Infrastructure 2020. This Panel will focus on the future of mobility and modal share of streets for all, and the impact of transport to unlock growth.


Exploring the future of mobility and its impact on the city form

The Mayor’s Transport Strategy sets the goal to achieve 80% of all trips to be made by sustainable modes of transport by 2041 and promote the adoption of Healthy Streets. Are we designing and prioritising high quality mixed use developments, close to public transport nodes, in order to deliver this vision? How do we shift from car-base to a place-base city? How innovation in micro-mobility and mobility technologies will impact the future management and shape of our streets?

The NLA Transport & Infrastructure programme discusses the future of movement in London by bringing together professionals from both the public and private sectors in a series of events throughout the year.


More information about the panel can be found here: