Employee Ownership

Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design is majority owned by an Employee Ownership Trust. We are employee owned because we believe that the success of our business and the quality of our work comes from having a team of people that is positively engaged with all aspects of the company. As an employee owned company, we want to ensure that employees benefit from our successes and are involved in how the business is run. This approach fosters high employee engagement and commitment which, in turn, benefits Tibbalds itself.

Tibbalds values its independence and the range of varied and interesting projects we undertake. It is important to us that we do work that we believe in. At Tibbalds good planning is indivisible from good placemaking, and is about making good places in the broadest sense. Our ownership reflects this ethos. Over the long-term, everyone will benefit from the stable ownership position and the straightforward arrangements for changing or adding to our management and leadership team.

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