Successful towns and cities bring together many different factors – a sense of place, the quality of buildings and landscape, a vitality and liveliness.  Successful places compete effectively with other locations and attract residents, businesses and visitors alike.

Sustainable regeneration is the key to unlocking the full potential of an area and reversing the process of decline.  To be successful, regeneration must involve many different disciplines working together towards a common goal – and it must have creative thinking and great design at its heart.  Tibbalds brings strong leadership to regeneration: we put design and place-making at the centre of each project to deliver innovative solutions that create places that work better for all their users.

Our work includes:

  • area wide urban design strategies;
  • estate renewal;
  • regeneration frameworks and Area Action Plans;
  • Neighbourhood Plans;
  • planning policies and design guidance; and
  • public consultation and involvement.