Urban Design

Urban design is at the heart of what we do. Tibbalds has a strong reputation for specialist urban design expertise that shapes and supports development proposals and provides design guidance for places.

Our approach is tailor made to the needs of each project, place and client.

Urban design guidance is a key tool for promoting design quality through the development processes of planning and procurement. It varies from design briefs setting principles to design codes providing very detailed guidance. Tibbalds has extensive practical experience of design guidance helping to increase certainty, raise confidence, and to provide a basis for assessing development proposals.

Our services include:

  • design capacity studies;
  • alternative development scenarios to review strategic options;
  • development frameworks and design briefs;
  • design codes and guidance;
  • design policy research and development;
  • urban design training and conferences;
  • design advice and support; and
  • design input to project procurement.