Maggie Baddeley
Senior Associate

Maggie is a town planner and chartered surveyor (planning and development). She specialises in resolving complex project-related, development management issues and has considerable expertise in the development planning process at all stages - including the drafting of emerging plan policies and guidance, in relation to reflecting diverse development interests and wide-ranging needs.

Maggie has most recently worked on: progressing mixed use developments at all scales, in central area and other brownfield locations; residential-led greenfield site projects (from pre-app to post-permission discharge of conditions); infrastructure proposals (including development consent order submissions); all aspects of neighbourhood planning; promoting and drafting health and wellbeing-related policies for local communities; and preparing local plan evidence bases that include social infrastructure delivery and urban living studies.

She has extensive experience of monitoring, reporting and commenting on the implications for the development sector of emerging Government policy and planning legislation, in particular to assist public and private sector clients with their development strategies.

She is a design review panel chair and vice-chair, and a panel member in London, the South East and East of England, integrating her extensive knowledge and experience of planning with her keen interest in promoting quality design and the creation of places where people want to live, work and spend time. She is also a High Streets Task Force Expert, and a member of the Mayor of London’s Infrastructure Advisory Panel.

In her spare time, Maggie is a planning and architecture tour guide in London – for members of the public for Open-City, and for built environment professionals for a Hamburg architectural practice and another in Copenhagen.